Recommended PAC Strategies

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USAID PAC Strategy
December 2004
Building on a global PAC evaluation conducted in 2001, USAID undertook a process to develop a strategic plan and framework for PAC. USAID has developed the following as the three core components of its PAC model: 

  • Emergency treatment for complications of spontaneous or induced abortion;
  • Family planning counseling, service provision, STI evaluation and treatment, HIV counseling and/or referral for testing; and
  • Community empowerment via community awareness and mobilization.

National Postabortion Care Strategy 
Ministry of Health, Malawi 
January 2004 

The Ministry of Health and Population would like to improve and expand postabortion care services in the country. To assist in the implementation of PAC services a specific policy statement on PAC has been developed and is incorporated into the sexual and reproductive health policy document which is under development. The objectives of the National Postabortion Care Program are:

  • To raise awareness of the magnitude of the problem of incomplete abortion and its complications and the availability of PAC services;
  • Increase accessibility of PAC services in an integrated SRH program;
  • Provide quality PAC services; and
  • Establish a sustainable system for providing PAC services.