Introduction to PAC Strategies


Strategies express the approaches designed to address the health interventions needed to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with incomplete abortion and its complications. 


When writing country PAC strategies, the following should be assessed:

  • The country context (i.e., geopolitical profile and health care delivery system);
  • The magnitude of the problem (policy, advocacy, training, service delivery, management and supervision of services, and community participation); and
  • The description of the corrective activities that will be undertaken based on identified gaps.

In some strategy documents, activities may flow from a strategic vision to a goal statement and then to objectives. The strategies may include guidance for PAC service sustainability, including contraceptive security, supply of necessary equipment for PAC services, monitoring and evaluation, and research. Strategies for postabortion care can be found in both RH strategies as a basic component for reproductive health or in emergency obstetrical care as an extension of basic emergency obstetrical care.

Download Strategy section from the PAC Global Resources Guide

Politiques relatives aux soins après avortement (French)

Políticas de Atención Post Aborto (Spanish)

Государственная политика, стратегии и законодательство по ПАУ (Russian)