Writing and Revising PAC Service Delivery Guidelines

  1. Review the recommendations for Service Delivery Guidelines. 
  2. Compare the content of your service delivery guidelines to the items that are checked in the Service Delivery Guidelines criteria box. 
  3. Use the PAC Service Delivery Guidelines Assessment Tool to review your current service delivery guidelines to evaluate strengths and identify gaps.

If Service Delivery Guidelines need to be developed, are incomplete, or need to be updated:

  1. Review the samples of recommended service delivery guideline documents in the PAC Global Resources Guide. This will provide you with ideas for discussion with clinic personnel, training and supervisory personnel including staff from referral facilities. 
  2. Formulate a team to adapt sample service delivery guidelines that are relevant to your geographic and medical system setting.
  3. Check the research findings in the “What Works” research compendium to ensure that current evidence based practices are incorporated. Eliminate unnecessary or harmful practices to the client; and include husbands/partners of postabortion care clients.
  4. Draft or adapt the missing service delivery guidelines and follow your setting’s procedure for incorporating additions, dissemination, and implementation changes.