Writing PAC Policy

If policy items are needed:

  1. Review the recommended sample policy document(s) and policy template in the Global Resources Guide for issues that may need to be addressed to craft the necessary policy statements. 
  2. Explore credentialing requirements for the expanded practices for nurses and midwives related to PAC service delivery and develop strategies for facilitating the process for expanded practice. 
  3. Draft policy statements and follow your setting’s procedure for approval, dissemination, and implementation.

Download PAC policy template

If policy items are incomplete or need to be updated:

  1. Review findings of the Assessment Tool for PAC policy and recommended sample policy documents in the Global Resources Guide to identify additional issues that need to be addressed in the current policy.
  2. Draft the missing policy statements and follow your setting’s procedure for incorporating additions, dissemination, and implementation.

Download PAC policy assessment tool

If you want to project costs for postabortion care programs:

  1. Gather data to make population projections, family planning method and source mix. Collect information on postabortion care, maternal health, and other costing elements. This data will include:
    • Base year population
    • Fertility data
    • Mortality data
    • International migration data
    • Scores from recent Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort Index (MNPI)
    • Unit costs for various service-delivery interventions, based either on implementing the World Health Organization’s Mother-Baby Costing Package (MBP) or from other data sources containing cost information
    • Other expenditures on maternal health–related activities such as policy efforts and general training
    • Other socioeconomic variables such as primary enrollment rates
    • Data describing the use of family planning in the country
    • Data about the use, effectiveness, and costs of the different contraceptive methods and services
    • Percent of abortions that are legal
    • Percent of abortions that need treatment
    • Percent of all maternal deaths due to abortions
    • Relative risk of mortality for untreated vs. treated abortions
    • Unit costs and total expenditures for post-abortion care, including FP costs
  2. Complete the following three modules of Spectrum to utilize the Allocate summary screen:
    • DemProj
    • SMM (Safe Motherhood Model)
    • FamPlan
  3. Review the Allocate manual to become acquainted with how to use this tool.
  4. Request technical assistance from Palladium (formerly Futures Group) as needed.