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USAID Postabortion Care Model

  • Includes results frameworks and a menu of indicators for global and country programs.
  • Countries should choose indicators specific to their individual program for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Research Compendium

What Works: A Policy and Program Guide to the Evidence on Postabortion Care Thumbnail

"What Works: A Policy and Program Guide to the Evidence on Postabortion Care"

  • Includes findings from 400 articles dating from 1990 to 2004 that relate to PAC. Each article has been measured against the Gray level of evidence.
  • Includes research related to policy, costs, programming, and training for PAC.
  • Reviews original studies and primary sources.
  • Organized by the three core components of the revised USAID PAC model.
  • The “Summary of Evidence” provides a centralized listing of the research summary statements. The full research compendium is found on this website.

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Policies, Service Delivery Guidelines, and Training Curricula

  • Includes a listing of recommended policies, curricula and service delivery guidelines selected from more than 96 documents from 13 countries.
  • Includes table of contents or summaries of all recommended documents. Full copies of the recommended documents can be found on this website.
  • Assessment Guides to review your country’s current documents for each of the following areas: (1) Policy; (2) Service Delivery Guidelines; and (3) Training Curricula.
  • Research found to have “Strong Evidence” is listed at the bottom of each assessment guide to assist with the review of research for inclusion when writing or revising any of the above sections.
  • A “How to” guide for using the PAC Global Resources Guide for writing or revising each of the above named sections.

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Client-Provider Communication Materials

Illustrative communication materials for clients, providers, communities, and health facilities, including:

  • Clinic poster
  • Client brochure
  • Register for data collection
  • Wall chart for vacuum aspiration
  • Provider checklist
  • Radio spot
  • Community meeting guide on bleeding during pregnancy
  • WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria for Family Planning

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A Guide to Action for Community Mobilization Facilitator's Manual Thumbnail

Other Tools

PAC Community Mobilization Facilitator's Manual

  • Field tested in Bolivia, Kenya, Peru, Egypt, and Senegal.
  • Used to reach more than 27,000 community residents regarding postabortion care.
  • Adapted for use with religious leaders in Egypt (accompanying banner and teaching tools available only in Arabic with English translation for country adaptation).

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Allocate Model Thumbnail

  • A user friendly computer model for planning funding levels for reproductive health programs.
  • Examines the linkages and interactions between family planning, safe motherhood, and postabortion care.
  • Helps to answer the questions:
    • How much funding is required to achieve the goals of reproductive health action plans?
    • What goals are feasible for (for indicators such as unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality ratio, abortions)?
    • How to best allocate available resources to best achieve these goals?

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