Recommended PAC Communication Materials

"Take Care of Yourself" Client Brochure Thumbnail

"Take Care of Yourself" Client Brochure

Brochure de la cliente "Prenez soin de vous-même" (French)

Cuando un embarazo termina, necesitas cuidarte (Spanish)

Intended for women and their partners after a pregnancy ends. Includes information on at-home care, FP/birth spacing methods, and warning signs that require returning to the health facility. Based on brochures developed by USAID, EngenderHealth, FHI, and CCP in the Dominican Republic and Africa.

"Take Care of Yourself" Clinic Poster Thumbnail

"Take Care of Yourself" Clinic Poster

Affiche du centre de santé (French)

Cuando un embarazo termina, tú tienes que cuidarte a ti misma (Spanish)

Adaptation of the client brochure for placement in waiting areas.

Provider Quick Checklist for Postabortion Care Services

High Resolution

Low Resolution

Liste de vérification du prestataire pour les soins après avortement (French)

Lista de referencia para proveedores, para la atención post aborto (Spanish)

Краткий контрольный список процедур ПАУ для медучреждений (Russian)

A pocket-size job aid for health care providers that includes a checklist of interventions provided before, during, and after the procedure. Also provides signs of shock, infection, and abdominal injury as well as a list of contraceptive methods and guidance on when to start each method.

MEC Wheel Thumbnail

WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria Wheel

Job aid allows health care providers to quickly identify Medical Eligibility Criteria relevant to their clients. Developed by WHO in collaboration with the INFO project at the John Hopkins University/Center for Communication Programs, the Communication Partnership for Family Health in Jordan, and the University of Ghana Medical School. 

Order from WHO

Chart Checklist and Post-Procedure Record

Panneau avec liste de vérification et dossier après interventions (French)

Lista de referencia y registro para después del procedimiento de la atención post aborto (Spanish)

Контрольный список действий и послепроцедурная запись по ПАУ (Russian)

Allows health care providers to track and record PAC interventions for each client before, during, and after the procedure. Includes a record of post-procedure observations that should be included as part of the client record.

Referral Slip

Talon de transfert (French)

Nota de Transferencia (Spanish)

Уведомление о направлении (Russian)

Assists health facilities in referring clients to other sites by capturing relevant information. Includes areas for recording vital signs at initial contact and before discharge.

Register for Data Collection

Registre de la collecte de données (French)

Registro de atención post aborto (Spanish)

Регистрация (Послеабортный Уход) (Russian)

A user-friendly tool that enables organizations and health facilities to gather data for reporting. Includes instructions for use and identifies data which respond to indicators in the USAID PAC results framework. Allows capture of data relevant to STI evaluation and treatment and HIV counseling and referral for testing. Based on the USAID Country-Level PAC Strategic Framework.

PAC Wallchart Thumbnail

Wall Chart for Vacuum Aspiration

Panneau mural sur l'aspiration (French)

Mural (Spanish)


Large format wall chart that provides step-by-step procedures for postabortion care. Adapted from materials developed by the Nepal Family Health Program, WHO, and Ipas.

Community Meeting Guide and Take Action Cards on Bleeding During Pregnancy 

Adapted with permission from The American College of Nurse Midwives’ “Home-Based Lifesaving Skills Program.” The meeting guide helps communities develop consensus on practices that are safe, feasible, and acceptable when faced with bleeding during pregnancy. Includes “Take Action Cards” to reinforce key messages with low-literacy audiences. 

Community Meeting Guide

Guide sur les réunions communautaires (French)

Guía para una reunión comunitaria (Spanish)


Radio Spot

Intended for women who are pregnant, traditional birth attendants, and men with pregnant partners. Emphasizes the need to seek health services in case of bleeding or fever during pregnancy. Produced by the STRADCOM project in Tanzania. 


Community Health Information Cards Thumbnail

Community Health Information Cards: Taking Action for Our Health

The overall objective of these cards is to increase awareness about family planning and postabortion care services to reduce illness and death and to encourage community action to address these problems at the individual, household and community levels.

Information Cards